My Photographic Specialisms
My name is Costas Kariolis. I am an Outdoor & Travel Photographer & International Digital Marketer based in London, England. The great outdoors is where I have always found my photographic inspiration, making its way into the majority of my images. I am drawn to water, interpreting movement and orchestrating varied and rugged landscapes.
My Professional Background 
My photographic education began in the mid-90s when I studied Photography in the Media as part of a Communications and Marketing degree at London Guildhall University. The qualification served as my stepping stone into the fast moving world of digital and marketing. Over the last 20 years, my career has seen me work for a range of UK and international businesses including BT, Vonage, Nordic Entertainment Group, the Post Office and Marks & Spencer. 
My digital and marketing roles have involved helping these businesses transform through creativity and performance. In 2018, I began studying a higher education photography course at the British Academy of Photography to further progress my artistic and technical skills to combine with my business acumen.
​​​​​Early Memories of Photography 
Photography has been a part of my life as far back as I can remember. Growing up in the late 70s and 80s, there was always a camera in my face whether I was behind the lens or in front of it. My father was attached to his trusty Chinon SLR. It came with us on family holidays while my aunt, armed with her cine-camera, filmed virtually every minute of my childhood – common today with the advent of the smartphone, but novel and exciting back in the day. Together our family created our very own filmic and photographic portfolio of our adventures inspired very much by the professionally composed and exposed images of people and places in my father’s regular subscription of National Geographic magazines, which forever enthralled me. 
Not all my photography related memories have been pleasant ones, and there are two in particular that spring to mind. The first being when we returned home to London after a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Lapland, only to discover that my father had forgotten to load the Chinon SLR with film. The second being when I knocked over my newly purchased Nikon camera – tripod and all – into the Caribbean Sea. The pain of these losses still haunts me to this day. But, for every mistake a valuable lesson I have learned and I’ve never made the same one twice.
My Influences, Inspiration and Motivation 
Born and raised in London to parents of Greek Cypriot and Finnish descent, I have embraced contrasting cultures, climates and travel locations from a very young age. Life both at home and when travelling abroad has always revolved around water – be it sea, ocean or lake – enabling me to immerse myself in my search for magic light and point my lens wherever it shines. My Nordic heritage puts me in tune with the seasons, imbues me with a natural sense and taste for minimalism while keeping me keenly aware of the continuing importance of nature, sustainability and conservation. My Mediterranean influence meanwhile sees me constantly searching for glimpses of historical meaning in both landscapes and people and is no doubt where my passion for food, family, and the simple things in life comes from. 
I take inspiration from both well-known and up and coming photographers when creating new works. I love the challenges of confronting vast new landscapes and cultures with my camera, capturing the notion of being at one with nature in the great outdoors and finding the unseen beauty in familiar environments when close to home. 
Life, people, nature, landscapes and the elements inspire me – inspiration that I can provide for your audiences too. Feel free to follow where my travels and experiences take me via one of my social profilesTo discuss a new project requiring bespoke outdoor or travel photography assets or if you see any images on my website that takes your fancy, you can email me, fill out the form below, message me on one of my social handles or purchase direct from my Shutterstock and Adobe Stock photography accounts. 
Thank you for your enquiry. I aim to respond within 24 hours.
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