What Is Abstract Photography? 
Much like abstract concepts like love and beauty – which are entirely subjective and only truly exist as thoughts, ideas or feelings – abstract photography means different things to different artists and different people. For me, abstract photography is about changing a subject’s meaning and purpose through unusual or unexpected associations. It’s about going beyond the usual “concrete” photographic representations of people, scenes and landscapes to reveal details that are normally ignored and trigger the viewer’s imagination.
​​​​​​​Abstract Seascapes and Abstract Landscape Photography
The great thing about abstract photography is that any subject can be pulled into the abstract depending on the way it is photographed. There is great freedom with the abstract voice. There are no rules, no guidelines, and you are only limited by your vision and ideas. My aim with abstract seascapes and abstract landscape photography is to force the viewer to look at the scene in a different way. The photos are not so much about the scenes themselves, rather the lines, shapes, colours, patterns, textures and rhythms within them. Like love, beauty, and life itself, abstract photography is ambiguous by its very nature, which is precisely why I find it at once so challenging and so enthralling.
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