Dramatic Beach Photos 
There’s one thing in particular that separates beach photography from all other landscape genres – the ocean. Unlike static landscape scenes, the ocean is constantly in motion as it laps, spits and crashes onto sand and rock. There is magic in its movement, music in its roar, and every wave is a once-in-a-lifetime event, throwing up unique shapes and patterns never to be seen again and presenting endless opportunities for dramatic beach photos. And there’s one other important element the ocean provides in abundance – light.
​​​​​​​Beach Photography and the Special Light of the Ocean 
As a photographer, I am always on the search for special lighting conditions, and I seldom fail to find them at the beach. There are three types of natural light to be found at the shore line: direct light from the sun, diffused light through clouds and sea mists, and reflected light bouncing off the ocean. And this is what makes beach photography so exciting and special. What fascinates me the most, however, is how the tonality of light is altered when it hits the water’s surface, particularly when the water is shallow. Part of the light is reflected from the surface, another part refracted by the water, and still another part reflected from the sea bed below. The ocean never stops toying with sunlight, scattering its varying hues from sunrise to sunset across sands, cliffs and sea life, and casting an irresistible glow that makes for beautiful beach photography – a glow I feel, search for, and follow.
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