Urban Photography 
I see Urban photography in two parts. Urban is about the serendipitous – capturing those once in a blue moon moments and being prepared for the unexpected. It’s also about the pre-visualised, pre-meditated, and expected composition waiting for that moment, for someone, a character to walk into the scene. Whether it’s the hustle and bustle of a busy market, or a cold empty street in the depths of winter, the world’s urban environments are a rich canvas of photographic opportunity just waiting to be unveiled.
Black and white photography is perfect for capturing urban environments – the clinical lines of both contemporary and older architecture, or the energy and movement of traffic and people. This form of capture simplifies a scene to its minimalist compositional ingredients and draws the observer in with focus and clarity.
Street Photography involves immersing oneself within the subject, revealing movement, people, serendipity, and capturing the beating heart of urban environments. Always surprising and never dull, there is always something exciting to discover at street level. 
Cityscapes are where the environment itself becomes the subject. Studying the rooftops, vistas, and nightscapes of the modern metropolis and unveiling the essence of our lived-in landscapes. The relative peace and dark mystery of these domains is highlighted. 
Architectural Photography turns its attention to buildings and structures, revealing the lines and the order of urban environments and brings to the fore the impact and representation of its presence within the local area. 
Urban landscape photography turns the classic methods of capturing the natural world on its head and brings that same curious eye to built environments and the human zoo. Buildings, machines, and people replace forests, habitats, and animals as we uncover the hidden secrets of mankind’s domain. 
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