The Complex Simplicity of Minimalist Photography 
At its core, minimalist photography is about focusing on just a very few essential elements and casting all other distractions aside. It’s about stripping a composition of all unnecessary clutter to show just how powerful and interesting a single subject can be. And that power can be truly mesmerising. With all else kept out of frame, the relationship between subject and viewer is forcefully heightened – attentions are focused and unique visual experiences achieved. 
​​​​​​​Minimalist Landscape Photography
My approach to minimalist landscape photography is to compel the viewer to pause and view the world differently. The sky is over our heads every time we step outside – though we seldom take a moment to look up and truly breathe it in. We may walk along a beach and see the horizon beyond the waves – but how often do we actually stop to contemplate its majesty, let alone the intricacies and shapes of the waves themselves? Minimalist photos challenge the viewer to look deeper, to feel the drama between a lonely subject and its surroundings, to notice the extraordinary in the familiar, to see the sky, waves and sands in entirely new light. Like no other photographic voice, minimalist photography can at once create connections, reveal isolation, and expose great distances, separation and depth. Steeped in complex simplicity, with only a scattering of elements in a frame, my great joy with the genre is creating minimalist photos that pull the eye from one point to another, inviting viewers to contemplate for themselves the hidden mysteries all around us.
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