The Power of Outdoor Landscape and Nature Photography 
​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Nearly all my photography is dedicated to the great outdoors. Trekking deep into the landscape to discover and capture the places at times most people will never see in their lifetime is an enormous privilege that I cherish with a great sense of responsibility. There is something indescribable about our natural world. No words do justice to the awe-inspiring feeling of being surrounded by towering mountains, to the heart-pounding excitement of standing beneath a mighty waterfall, to the peace and tranquillity of the morning mists rising through the trees by a wandering stream. Outdoor photography is the story of nature we fail to put into words. It is seeing, it is living, it is feeling. Capturing those stories and moments with my camera – preserving them forever and sharing them with a wider captive audience – is an honour that I find eternally humbling.
The Never-Ending Story of the Outdoor Landscape 
The story of nature is never-ending. Forests, plains, lakes, oceans, mountains, deserts, even cities – all are active, ever-changing, evolving before our very eyes. One of my greatest passions with outdoor photography is to pursue and reveal the variability and changeability of the environments I immerse myself in. A single location changes dramatically in different weather conditions, different times of day, different times of year. Even in familiar locations, there is always an unknown factor – nature never fails to throw new light and new activity onto a familiar scene. And while I love finding new locations, I also love the challenge of finding something new in the same location. The higher purpose of my outdoor photography when I come to edit and process nature’s stories is to reveal the voice of the changing landscape, to promote empathy and oneness with its never-ending history of which we are all a part.
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