The Multidisciplinary Art of Travel Photography 
Of all genres, travel photography is undoubtedly the broadest, requiring many skills, rigorous organisation, and hours dedicated to research and planning. Incorporating landscapes, seascapes, street photography, portraiture and documentary, travel photography for me is one of the most challenging yet rewarding pursuits – a multidisciplinary adventure into faraway lands, stretching my mind, my perspective, and my creativity in new and extraordinary ways.
Each and every place on earth has its very own look, character and ambience radiating from land, sea and sky, from buildings and architecture, from flora and fauna, and from the faces of those that call that place home. Capturing these qualities in all their beautiful complexity and interconnected intricacy is what makes travel photography so inspiring. Indeed, inspiration sits right at the heart of the genre – travel inspires photography, and photography inspires travel.
​​​​​​​Travel and Landscape Photography
I never feel more alive than when I’m exploring the world as a photographer. Each trip I take offers me the opportunity to immerse myself in a rich diversity of cultures, outstanding masterpieces of modern and ancient architecture, and breathtaking landscapes where humans seldom venture. But most importantly of all – especially when it comes to landscape travel photography – it drives me to create images that capture the value of our earth and bring home the importance of global thinking. Travel photography helps me to understand the fragility of our precious planet and keeps me keenly aware of the continuing importance of nature and conservation. It is because of my twin loves of travel and landscape photography that I have climbed countless hills and mountains, walked hundreds – maybe thousands – of miles around coastlines, through woodlands, across moors, around lakes, and along rivers and streams. Each trek leads me to an interaction, a connection with nature. It is a sense of fulfilment and harmony that I strive to communicate through my images in reverence and awe of this beautiful planet that is home to us all.
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